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Renters Insurance protects more than you may think

It is estimated that 60% of all renters do not carry insurance. You may not realize it, but your landlord’s policy will not cover your items. Think about what you own: your clothes, furniture, television, computer or bicycle. If those items were lost or damaged due to a fire or theft, could you afford to replace everything?

A renters' policy also provides you with personal liability protection in the event someone is injured while in your apartment. Lawsuits are very expensive, so protect yourself with a Farmers of Salem renters’ policy.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

Protecting yourself, your family and your assets is your number one priority. But, what happens if a loss occurs and your homeowner or auto liability limits are not enough?

Our personal umbrella endorsement offers your family additional limits up to five million.

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Identity Theft Coverage and Resolution Services

The Farmers of Salem Homeowner policy provides an automatic $10,000 in identity theft coverage at no additional cost to you, the policyholder. You may choose to increase the limit beyond $10,000 for an additional premium.

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